Salford Priors GP Key Locations


Salford Priors Gravel Pits is also known as Marsh Farm Quarry and lies to the north of the village of Salford Priors. The River Arrow runs through the parish and is located on the east of the pits which is included in the areas I regularly survey. A46 Evesham and Salford Priors bypass opened in 1995 when excavation started at the site. Over three million tonnes of gravel and sand was removed from the land over eleven years and since this time wildlife has flourished at the site. Sadly the land needs to be returned to agricultural use and despite dialogue with the Ragley Estates only the water based areas will remain. We do hope permissive footpaths will be available for the long term.

Please note there is no public access through the site. Viewing of Pophills can be done from the green gate. Main pit area must be viewed from perimeter rights of way.


If you head east from Dunnington towards Broom you will leave the village down hill. After taking a few gentle bends in the road you will see two parking spaces by the plantation or alternatively carry on and you will find a space on the right hand side opposite Pophills green gate.

Key to areas

1) Pophills
2) Pophills island scrape
3) Pophills meadow
4) Plantation
5) Main Pit
5A) Scrape Islands
5B) Stint Island
5C) Oystercatcher Island
6) Old Workings
7) Old Workings Lagoon
8) Jack Snipe Reed bed
9) Main meadow
10) Orchid Meadow
11) Migrant corner
12) Out of sight pool
13) Woodcock coppice
14) South Lagoons
15) Reed bed Lagoon
16) Central Lagoon
17) Hidden Pools
18) Bypass Pools
19) Redstart Meadow
20) Redstart Hedge
21) Migrant Hill

Please note some locations can no longer be seen due to restoration or high water levels.

Page updated April 2020


  1. I'm delighted to found this blog. I live locally and love Pophill lake.
    Is there a local group for birdwatching?

    1. Glad you found our page. Sorry no local group but everyone is welcome. Please drop me a message on Twitter. @NeilDuggan80

  2. Brilliant blog Neil. I live in Stratford and would like to visit Salford Priors as it’s quite local to me. I did try to twitter message you but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Is the perimeter access pretty obvious when you are there as I don’t want to mess up on my first visit!
    Many thanks, Peter Dore @selfunseeing