Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Stonechats at Avon Meadows

The wife and I stopped at a new nature reserve on Sunday afternoon after visiting her Mom in the middle of Pershore. The wetlands were created after a public consultation in 2007 to soak up excess water when the river suffers flooding. Sightings have included a Great White Egret, Black Tailed Godwit & Barn Owl. The reed bed does attract good numbers of Starlings however none had been seen for a number of weeks. 

During our short walk we saw four Stonechats around the river area not seemingly to be bothered by us walking by. A large number of gulls flew over heading south to their roost site. As the light faded and we headed back to the car a Water Rail called from the reed bed. If are ever passing this way its worth stopping by and they have recently added a number of scrapes which could attract waders pending on the disturbance.  More details about the site is available here

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