Monday, 8 August 2016

Cornish Capers (Part 4) - Great Shearwater & return of the tuna mayo roll

Plenty of action behind the boat
Superb flight views
Storm Petrel
Great Shearwater impressing the locals
Great Shearwater 
Great Shearwater 
Great Shearwater
Caught in action by the "Mayor" 

Saturday evening was a night very different to the normal. We had booked an evening on a pelagic sailing from Penzance from 5pm to 9pm. There was only five passengers who braved the experience including the three from my party. The evening didn't start well as we were late starting which frustrated us all. As we set out we past a Mediterranean Gull just outside the harbour and a juvenile Yellow-legged chased the boat as the boat leader started to prepare the chum. 

After a brief introduction we didn't have much more interaction with the boat leader as he seemed to be more interested in obtaining his own photos than guiding which was head scratching when we had paid £35 each. 

We sailed south west but always staying within a couple of miles of the shore line. A couple of Balearic & Sooty Shearwaters past us quickly as we kept heading to our intended destination. Once this was achieved the engine was turned off. However instead on the chum going into the water it went all over the deck as it was knocked over by the skipper. Already feeling queasy, I started to feel even worse despite a Great Shearwater landing right by the boat. The "Mayor" was so pleased I had to stop him trying to lean out of the boat to hug the poor bird !

With the chum finally hitting its intended target the boat rocked hard but the smell did pull in the Storm Petrels & Fulmers. The Petrels got within a few feet of the boat giving terrific views. 

Sadly I had more pressing issues as my delicious tuna mayo cob made a rapid reappearance off the back of the boat much to the delight of the birds who thought more chum was on the menu.

I must say the next 90 minutes was unpleasant as we sailed back through a developing weather system of rain, fog and wind! I couldn't have got out the boat any quicker. 

Amazing viewing of the Storm Petrels and Great Shearwater but I'm pretty confident I won't be doing another pelagic for quite some time. My evening tweet about the Shearwater generated an impressive 6,960 impressions to date. 

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