Sunday, 22 January 2017

Birthday birding

 Blue Rock Thrush
Birdy shopping
Spot the Iceland
 Location map
Brake Mill pool close up (Gull seen north & south of pool)
 Scotland Lane 
 Glaucous Gull (phonescoped at long distance)
 Sunset at Bartley
Glaucous Gull (File photo)

Mrs D's big birthday brought with it a couple of extra days off work so we headed to the Cotswolds for relaxing day. The day started in Stow-on-the-Wold where we paid a five minute visit to see Blue Rock Thrush again. The bird was perched on the roof top and did a quick lap of the estate before returned to its favourite tree where I took a quick photo before heading off to the quaint New England Coffee shop. A lovely lunch in Broadway & then evening out with the lads was just perfect. There is continued debate over the birds origins with claim & counter claim, but hey ho there are no prizes either way.

When returning to work I heard from Worcestershire Gull finder Terry Hinnet had found a juvenile Iceland Gull close to Brake Pool near Hagley. Only 15 minutes from work I was duly on the scene however it did take 30 minutes to find this cracker of a bird as it had moved to the northern fields above the stables.  After re-locating the bird the flock were flushed but did land in a better position where it was easier to pick out. Speaking to Terry he thought this was perhaps the second Iceland Gull in the area to go with the Glaucous & Caspain both seen at the local Bartley Reservoir. I'll certainly be heading back  in better light if the opportunity arises to try and get some shots of the bird.

A lorry fire on the M5 / M42 junction on Friday night led me to take a diversion through Bartley Reservoir & Frankley just in time for the evening roost. The roost was smaller than expected however a local football match seemed to unsettle the birds. Just when it looked like no white-wingers were coming in a Glaucous Gull landed towards the dam, a cracking juvenile actually swimming with the black-heads. The Hagley Iceland Gull also came in but was lost from sight in the fading light and was only seen by one observer.

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