Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Patch Barnie

About the best as it gets with the camera
Chris on patrol

Myself and Chris Lane headed down to the pits midweek to undertake some spring owling. Mr & Mrs Squire were already at the watch point as we headed down the road. We hadn't even parked up when the male Barn Owl flew straight across in front of us and perched not far from the Squire. After quickly recharging its energy the Barn Owl then hunted in close proximity of us and we all got great views of it catching a vole. The only disadvantage of where the bird is hunting is its very close to the road increasing the risk of an accident which none of us would want. 

The light made it very difficult to get any decent photos however I took a rough hand held record shot for the purpose of the blog.Views through the binoculars were superb and really makes you appreciate the quality of Swarovski I purchased last year from the Birder Store. The previous evening a Tawny Owl had been seen in the same area where it roosts, although the exact spot eludes us. 

Chris & I then had a slow drive round the lane and checked out another previously good area but no further signs. We will keep persisting. 

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