Thursday, 14 September 2017

Big Autumn Lodmoor double

 Stilt Sandpiper
Avoiding a Godwit 
Least Sandpiper 
Comparison with Green Sandpiper 
Great White Egret 
Least Sandpiper with Starling in background

After getting back from Monday's pursuit down the M5 news broke that two rare north american sandpipers had been found at RSPB Lodmoor in Dorset. A Least Sandpiper was on my most wanted list whilst a Stilt Sandpiper I'd only ever seen reported once since I started birding seriously. 

Whilst hopeful they might stick overnight I decided to wait for news which emerged at 7.30am that both birds were still present. I broke the journey into thirds each time checking twitter - the news was still positive. 

Quickly parked I marched around to the west path where the Stilt Sandpiper was teasing the audience of birders & twitchers on the edge of the island. After a solid identification the bird went round to the back of the island so I walked round to the bandstand where the Least Sandpiper was showing superbly. This juvenile was such a tiny wader and you didn't realise how small until a couple of Starlings landed behind the bird. This bird was a fantastic find. A Great White Egret watched the action for the reeds over looking the scrape.

After enjoying the bird I walked back to the west scrape where the Stilt Sandpiper was showing much better but was still getting occasional grief from the local Godwits. This bird had a very distinctive body shape for a small wader yet longer brown/green legs. 

After a few record shots I headed back home with the Coldplay playlist blasting. A double tick day is always a good day. 

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