Sunday, 5 November 2017

Scilly Season Day 7 – Empty handed on all fronts

St Agnes
One of many Song Thrush's
Another bay, another Black Redstart
Close Seal
Brhyer Bluethroat
More great views
Team talk at the bird quiz
A decent effort made

We opted for St Agnes in the hope the previous days Long-eared Owl had hung around & the option to go to Brhyer for a Bluethroat didn't appeal as we had both seen one this year. On St Agnes there was sadly no Owl & very little action on the island at all. 3 Swallows, 2 Black Redstarts & Water Rail were the best birds before returning with our tail between our legs.  A reported Grey-cheeked Thursh on St Martins was only seen in the morning which made us feel slightly better that we hadn’t missed a mega.

In the afternoon I caught up with the Dusky Warbler yet again on Lower Moors but there was no sign of the Red-breasted Warbler.

We did manage a respectable effort in the bird quiz but everyone contributed  to our very average score.

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