Sunday, 30 August 2015

Finally a………….Wryneck

Wryneck is a species I've never had any luck in catching up with. With being a Midland based birder opportunities are rare without a three hour drive to the east coast. So after grabbing a snack after my morning patch walk around the gravel pits and check of Rare Bird Alert a Wryneck had been spotted at RSPB Otmoor. I didn't need to consider the option to go for more than a minute given its only a 75 minute drive.

Walking up to the reported areas the news wasn't good and when reaching the path where the bird had been last seen I found around 15 frustrated birders and photographers. I did get a two second view as the bird crossed the patch in flight but patience was waning among the audience of which most decided to go leaving just three of us. 

Another thirty minutes of patience was rewarded with the bird showing really well on the path. The views were brief but as you can see I did manage to get a few digiscoped images that I was really pleased with.

The birds plumage was stunning with the mottling effect really catching the eye. For those who don't know these are part of the Woodpecker family and are migrants and just passing through the UK from their breeding grounds. The birds are around 16.5 cm in height and get their name from the ability to turn their head.  

It was great to meet fellow Twitterarti members RSPB's Kirsty Brannan and Gareth Blockley.

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