Thursday, 23 June 2016

Shelduck breed again at Salford Priors GP

Six ducklings
There is always one
Without a care in the world
Rabbit in evening sunshine

Our hopes of having breeding Shelduck at Salford Priors again were realised on Monday when a brood of six emerged on the reed lagoon. Many thanks to Andy Woodhouse who called me following a morning visit on Monday.

As soon as I finished work I was on site and sludging through the mud down to see our new arrivals. The six ducklings were swimming with the mother on the edge of the reeds clealry enjoying some rare Warwickshire June sunshine. One of the ducklings certainly didn't lack confidence and was seen following his own agenda of exploring the lagoon.

Other additional sightings of note were two Green Sandpipers, a Lapwing & a Little Ringed Plover. 

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