Sunday, 30 April 2017

Great Turkey Chase

Honestly…..a wild Turkey
This shows how close the bird was to the main path
I've seen prettier birds
Jacqeline Onassis Reservoir (can you spot the Red-necked Grebe)
Female Ruddy Duck
Male Ruddy Duck
Red-necked Grebe
Our final day in New York started early with a trip up to the top of the Rockafeller building giving us amazing views of the city and also Central Park. After breakfast we opted to return to park but start further north so we could take in the Jacqeline Onassis Reservoir & also Strawberry Fields.

It was a beautiful morning & the park was busy with the active New Yorkers going about their weekend run or cycle. There was also outdoor fitness classes taking place, in fact we hadn't expected to see so many in shape people in New York. The reservoir was a favourite jogging spot of Jackie Onassis and Bill Clinton, with it holding a billion gallons of water & covering an 1/8th of the park in size. 

First birds to catch my eye were a pair of stunning Buffleheads that thankfully swam towards us enabling me to get a few nice shots. In the same part of the reservoir there were a pair of Ruddy Ducks, the males beak was striking in colour.

A wintering Red-necked Grebe was a good bird to catch up with but it was a few weeks behind the one I found at Salford Priors. Mrs D then picked up a Northern Rough-winged Swallow flying around the east side. 

After taking in the historic Strawberry Fields we headed to the south west corner where after a decent walk we found the reported wild Turkey. To be honest I didn't even know Turkey's were wild. Apparently this was just the 9th record for the park with the species and it was thought the birds had dispersed from its breeding grounds. The Turkey was foraging for food at very close quarters allowing many local people to get great views. 

By the end of the trip I'd manage to record 63 species with 47 being lifers. 

Trip List

1) Common Grackle
2) Red-winged Blackbird
3) House Sparrow
4) American Herring Gull
5) Laughing Gull
6) Great Cormorant
7) Brent Geese
8) Lesser Black-backed Gull
9) American Robin
10) Chipping Sparrow
11) White-throated Sparrow
12) Peregrine
13) Red-bellied Woodpecker
14) Blue Jay
15) Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
16) Ruby-crowned Kinglet
17) Belted Kingfisher
18) Mallard
19) American Coot
20) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
21) Northern Waterthrush
22) American Goldfinch
23) Northern Cardinal
24) Green Heron
25) Red-breasted Nuthatch
26) White-breasted Nuthatch
27) Orange-crowned Warber
28) Northern Parula
29) Palm Warbler
30) Pine Warbler
31) Yellow-rumped Warber
32) Red-tailed Hawk
33) Brown Thrasher
34) Mourning Dove
35) Song Sparrow
36) Downy Woodpecker
37) Chimmey Swift
38) Double-crested Cormorant
39) Great Cormorant
40) Black-crowned Night Heron
41) Red-headed Woodpecker
42) American Kestrel
43) American Crow
44) Blue-headed Vireo
45) Black-capped Chickadee
46) House Wren
47) Hermit Thrush
48) Wood Thrush
49) House Finch
50) Louisana Waterthrush
51) Eastern Towhee
52) Brown-crowned Cowbird
53) Bufflehead
54) Ruddy Duck
55) Shoveler
56) Rough-winged Swallow
57) Great White Egret
58) Starling
59) Tufted Titmouse
60) Canada Goose
61) Red-necked Grebe
62) Great Black-backed Gull
63) Turkey

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