Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Shrewsbury Night Heron

I needed a slow start on Sunday after a great evening at The Forest, Feckenham the night before, so after picking up the car I headed to the Quarry, Dingle Park, Shewsbury to see the reported Night Heron. This had to be to be the same adult bird that was seen at Venus Pools, a reserve about seven miles south of Shrewsbury, before being found in this lovely urban park.

Upon reaching the garden there were no birders there but I did find the bird quickly preening under a rhododendron bush. I was happy enough to watch the bird from the other side of the lake and show the passers by who asked what I was looking at. After a bit of patience the bird emerged to give the growing crowd and I some nice views along the stone wall that circled the pond.

Whatever the origin of the bird I certainly enjoyed this stunning male and with it not being a lifer anyway it didn’t really matter. Stunning bird and well worth the drive.

The afternoon was spending watching Feckenham take on Dust's old team Astwood Bank. He showed nerves and scored a very good 59 not out in this T20 encounter.

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