Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blyth's Reed Warbler - Norfolk October Day Trip (Part 4)

Goldcrest data from BTO
Blythe’s Reed Warbler Video - Oriolebirding

I opted to then head to Wells Wood where I’d never been to before despite many visits to Norfolk previously. A large pay and display car park (£3) was the only option to park which was busy with dog walkers, holiday makes and birders. 

First stop was a Blythe’s Reed Warbler. These birds winter in India but visit Finland in summer months. The bird hadn’t been seen for over an hour however within 20 minutes of my arrival a photographer thought he had captured it on some brambles near the main patch. We duly relocated some 100 yards further east and after a brief poor view the bird worked it’s way up the twigs to show very well to please the gathered audience. It appeared there had been a huge fall of Goldcrests over night, there were thousands everywhere.

I then headed east through the wood to locate a Humes Yellow-browed Warbler. At the time I thought it was my first of this species until I remembered I had seen one before in Warwickshire a couple of years ago. Throughout the woodland  there were hundreds of Goldcrests. I'd never seen so many in my life. These tiny birds that are the size of a 50p and weight around just 6 grammes have arrived from Scandinavia and the Continent.

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