Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Muckleburgh Hill Olive-backed Pipit - Norfolk October Day Trip (Part 2)

Olive-backed Pipit -Stephen Whayman

                                    Olive-backed Pipit -Stephen Whayman
Dave Carter - YouTube Video

With a great start to the day I knew that the Olive-backed Pipit on Muckleburgh Hill could prove a little more troublesome as reports were very on and off. On the positive note a local birder gave me some specific instructions about where he has seen the bird the previous evening. 

Once on site I duly followed the instruction and found two birders in the location at the top of the hill despite there being many more in the vinicity. We all picked up a Pipit among the bracken but none of us got a great view. Suddenly the bird popped up to the edge of a scrub where you could see the stunning olive back on the bird. The birds supercilium was very clear and really was quite stunning. I never thought I’d find a Pipit something of such beauty.

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