Monday, 30 November 2015

Black Country Hoopoe

 Digiscoped Hoopoe
Digiscoped Hoopoe
Digiscoped distance shot of Hoopoe
Entertained audience 

After doing the early morning shift at the pits and dropping the eldest at Basketball I made the forty minute journey to Wall Heath near Kingswinford to see a reported Hoopoe. The exotic looking Hoopoe that are common in the Mediterranean are generally easier to see on spring migration when they over shoot on their journey from Africa.

The location was an old quarry that had been turned into paddocks. If you are heading that way the postcode is DY6 0BP and just walk to the brow of the hill and the bird was showing in the bottom paddock. The bird hadn't shown for over two hours so my arrival couldn't have been better timed as the bird was showing nicely. I managed to take a few digiscoped record shots despite the poor light. Sadly the bird got flushed when a birder entered the paddock from the non-advertised way causing the bird to fly to the thicker grass at the top of the hill when viewing was a lot more difficult. A cracking bird to see in November.

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