Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day of the Water Rail

A couple of hours on Saturday resulted in a Little Egret flyover being the highlight whilst the Sparrowhawk chicks were jumping & taking small flights around the top of the plantation.

On Sunday Jon & I did a comprehensive survey of the pits to try and establish any wader movement of new broods. Pophills remains very quiet despite the water levels starting to improve.

Over at the main pit a Yellow Wagtail passed over the bunds twice whilst on the main pit the Coot count reached 205. Sadly still no Tufted broods among the count of 48. A single Common Sandpiper was on the main island. Other sightings included a Raven, Kestrel and three Herring Gulls.

On the reed lagoon there was more breeding success when we observed five Water Rail chicks. That was the first time we have seen chicks on this lagoon but have always heard adult birds there. There were eight Green Sandpipers  & another Common Sandpiper  around this area and there was good news regarding the Shelduck chicks as all six were seen doing well but keeping under the reeds.

Butterfly sightings included an Essex Skipper, Marbled White, Tortoise, Small Skipper, Ringlet and Gatekeeper whilst we also found a number of Cinnamon Moth Caterpillars that looked cool in their Wolverhampton Wanderers colours.

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