Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cuckoo's in great voice


Little Ringed Plover

After a brilliant break in Dorset it was back to the real world of gravel pit & farmland birding this weekend. A Common Tern greeted me on Saturday on the main pit before flying south. Other than two Little Ringed Plovers the site was very quiet.

On Sunday I made two prolonged visits as I'm completing a survey for one of the farms. We appear to have an influx of Lesser Black-backed & a few Herrings no doubt looking for an easy meal. A single male Teal remains on the far side of the pit, now seriously late leaving for the breeding grounds.

On Sunday the birds of the day were two very showy Cuckoo's observed on the edge of the main bund and also on the farm. The last couple years sightings have been very fleeting however this pair seem to have settled and are determined to cause breeding bedlam. The angle of the sun made it difficult to get a decent photo. 

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