Sunday, 28 January 2018

New Year down the pits

View of the main pit from farm
The main pit surrounds now give us no cover at all now
Golden Plover flock
Linnet flock
 Happy counting

Just as short blog as recovering from a shocking chest infection which has knocked me off my feet for a week. I've been down to the patch a couple of times and managed to record 59 species. The best finds were 440 Golden Plover, 210 Lapwing & 2 Jack Snipe.

It was excellent to find 7 Snipe that appear to have re-located to Pophills with three over wintering Green Sandpiper & a Common Sandpiper. 

Other sightings of note were 1200 Linnets up at Pitchill, 4 Redpoll, 2 drake Wigeon, 97 Teal, 4 Gadwall & 2 Meadow Pipits. 

Chris Lane picked up our local Merlin chasing a Skylark on Wednesday & also added two Shelduck to the patch year list. This now stands at 61. I have also updated the 2017 page on the blog which details the final year list of 139.

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