Sunday, 1 April 2018

Third time lucky for Bartley Glaucous Gull

Thought I'd chance my arm again on the way home from the final day of work before Easter with a stop at Bartley Reservoir. The pesky juvenile Glaucous Gull I'd tried to catch in previous roosts was now showing well during the afternoon. I'd just filled the car up with diesel when Terry called "you're in luck mate, it's in again". I was parked up within ten minutes and the brute of a Gull was sitting on buoy five straight across from Scotland Lane. 

I made a superb scope viewing as the bird did a quick lap before landing again on the water and drifting towards my position on Scotland Lane. The bird had been present on and off since 6th March and is the first Glauc for the site this year. Terry also found 4 Black-necked Grebes this week making it a excellent week for sightings there.

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