Monday, 7 December 2015

December delight at Upton Warren

Great White Egret

The worry of missing a Red-headed Smew at Upon Warren proved to much in the end, so I flew out of work an hour early and headed down the M5 to find many other birders had the same idea. There were very smartly dressed birders on show on the edge of the sailing pool !

The bird was showing fairly distantly and not well enough for a digiscope. I did return the following morning before sailing to get some better views and was also treated to an over head flyover by a Great White Egret which had been onsite since the previous Sunday.

This was the eighth record at Upton Warren (twice – 2 birds were recorded) of one of the scarcest ducks you can see in Worcestershire. The most regular Smew to be seen in the Midlands is the drake that generally turns up after Christmas at Draycote Water. It’s a good year at Upton Warren attracting Red-necked Phalarope, Red-necked Grebe, Red-backed Shrike, Great White Egret and now Smew. Roll on 2016, Upton is back !

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