Friday, 1 April 2016

Little Ringed Plover & Manadrin fly into Salford Priors

Little Ringed Plover
Patch Gold
Frisky Monday
The old Jack Snipe lagoon
February league table

After a very productive February, March has been a real disaster in terms of new species at Salford Priors. After three weeks of cold biting winds, three days of consecutive visits and the easing of the weather we now see spring migration picking up pace.

Saturday saw me finally catch up with the Redshank that has been playing a very good game of hide and seek with me. I first saw the bird on Pophills with a Green Sandpiper but it is also using the main pit. At the bottom of the reserve the first migrant Chiffchaff was singing, an additional two birds could be heard on Monday. Four Wigeon, probably from Abbots Salford, were around for most of the day.

Sunday looked liked a good day with clear skies but the passage seemed to be going on way above the pits. Wildfowl numbers included 46 Teal, 12 Gadwall and 10 Shoveler.  The Water Rail was again by the reeds on the main pit. 

I had two trips on Monday as Paul (The Alcester Squire) was on the main pit when a pair of Mandarin ducks flew in. Patch gold of the highest order. I couldn't stuff my sandwich quick enough ! The Mandarins kindly hung around for my arrival, its a first for me on the site although I've seen one at Abbots Salford. Just as I was snapping the Mandarins our first Little Ringed Plover landed, just brilliant. Having looked at sightings it could well be the first returning bird to Warwickshire.

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