Butterflies of 2020

Grizzled Skipper (Honeyboune) 4th May
Common Blue (Salford Priors GP) 4th May
Small Heath (Honeyboune) 4th May
Speckled Wood (Feckenham)
Orange-tip (Lockdown Walk - West Redditch)
Brimstone (Honeyboune) 4th May
Holly Blue (Feckenham)
Dark-veined White
Small Tortoiseshell
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Earnwood Copse) 8th May
Dingy Skipper (Honeybourne) 6th May
Green Hairstreak (Hartlebury) 9th May
Marsh Fritillary (Strawberry Banks) 16th May
 Small Blue (Strawberry Banks) 16th May
Duke of Burgundy (Rodborough Common) 16th May
Adonis Blue (Rodborough Common) 16th May
Wood White (Grafton Wood) 17th May
Brown Argus (Salford Priors) 23rd May
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Blackgraves Copse) 24th May
Large Blue (Collard Hill) 30th May
Heath Fritillary (Haddon Hill, Exmoor) 30th May
Black Hairstreak (Glapthorn Cow Pastures) 6th June
Glanville Fritillary (Hutchinson's Bank) 7th June
Dark Green Fritillary (Aston Rowant) 7th June

Silver-studded Blue (Prees Heath Common) 15th June
Large Heath (Whixall Moss) 15th June

Purple Emperor (Oversley Woods) 21st June

Silver-washed Fritillary (Grafton Wood)
Purple Hairstreak (Grafton Wood) 10th July

                                        Grayling (The Bog) 11th July

                               Lulworth Skipper (Portland Bill) 13th July
                                       Wall (Portland Bill) 13th July
                               Large Tortoiseshell (Portland Bill) 13th July
                              Clouded Yellow (Salford Priors GP) 30th July
                             Brown Hairsteak (Grafton Wood) 2nd August

Butterflies of 2020

1 Comma
2 Peacock
3 Small Tortoiseshell
4 Brimstone
5 Painted Lady
6 Orange-tip
7 Holly Blue
8 Small White
9 Green-veined White
10 Large White
11 Speckled Wood
12 Common Blue
13 Brown Argus
14 Small Heath
15 Grizzled Skipper
16 Dingy Skipper
17 Pearl-bordered Fritillary 
18 Green Hairstreak
19 Marsh Fritillary
20 Small Blue
21 Duke of Burgundy
22 Adonis Blue
23 Wood White  
24 Small Copper
25 Small
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
26 Heath Fritillary
27 Large Skipper
28 Large Blue
29 Meadow Brown
30 Marbled White
31 Black Hairstreak
32 Glanville Fritillary
33 Dark Green Fritillary
34 Silver-washed Fritillary
35 Silver-studded Blue
36 Large Heath
37 Ringlet
38 Small Skipper
39 Purple Emperor
40 White-letter Hairsteak
41 Purple Hairstreak
42 Gatekeeper
43 Small Copper
44 Purple Hairsteak
45 Grayling
46 Chalkhill Blue
47 Lulworth Skipper
48 Large Tortoiseshell
49 Wall
50 High Brown Fritillary
51 Clouded Yellow
52 Brown Hairstreak 

53 Silver-spotted Skipper


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