Sunday 12 November 2023

Sennen Cover Upland Sandpiper on Scilly return

Upland Sandpiper

It's often been the way I have connected with a nice bird in Cornwall either before or after my annual trip to the Isles Of Scilly, in recent years there has been Lesser Yellowlegs, Brown Shrike & Grey Catbird among others. 

Upland Sandpiper was a species I was very much looking forward to seeing in Canada before that was cancelled due to COVID. Since then I've never had the opportunity to see the species as reported birds were to far away. I was surprised to learn that one had been was found in Sennen, just a 6 minute drive from the Lands End airport I was always going to go pending it would hang on five days until the end of my Scilly break.

I always catch the first flight off St. Mary's on Saturday morning to ensure the best driving conditions back to the Midlands. The morning unfolded seamlessly, with the flight on time, a quick departure from the airport, a nine-minute drive, a five-minute walk, and there was the bird.

However, it wasn't as straightforward as it sounds. Upon my arrival, the bird hadn't been seen for twenty minutes, and the field's long grass hindered optimal viewing. Fortunately, the bird emerged just as I was resigning to the fact that the views wouldn't improve. I then headed off to the joys of the A30. (Hopefully, the A30 bypass will be completed by Spring 2024.)

It's been a pretty good Autumn................

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